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About twenty-five years ago or so, my three brothers were named-co-conspirators inspirational in their energies to celebrate our dad’s retirement from IBM after thirty-something years, and concocted a suitable decoration for the event:  a bedsheet, converted to illustrate the (alleged) FAMILY CREST.

Prominent on the crest was the shield, divided into four quadrants — each with a different hand tool of some sort (because our family-members ARE just wired that way) — and two scrolls pronouncing some fake-Latin gibberish meant to be “the family motto” (which I’m not gonna give away here, just yet.)  Needless to say, the display of this artistic masterwork at his party was received with great hilarity amongst all in attendance.

Sidebar:  all four of us, plus my brother Mike’s wife Lynn and Lynn’s brother Yeats, all attended the same public SIX-YEAR high school where Latin was required for a MINIMUM OF THREE YEARS.  (Fourth year optional.)  (Yeah.  Riiiiight.)  One would think that this would have placed us all in good stead in some literature class or foreign-language course; however, to my best estimation, the only things for which it has been consistently useful have been (a) this task I’m describing now and (b) a slight edge on Sundays filling out crossword-puzzles.  But I digress.

Fast-forward to Christmas about ten years ago, when brother Michael presents each of the family members with … a custom tee-shirt.  In Latin.  And it says:

Ne Abice Id, Id Etiam Bonum Est

Mike and Lynn are grinning and asking us, “do you recognize it?”
Noooo … what is it?

It’s THE FAMILY MOTTO, translated for real …

Don’t Throw That Away, It’s Still Good