Lately, all it takes to get me to jot something down here is a fragment of someone else’s thoughts that JOLTS me into a reminiscence on some memory of my own … and today, all it took was the mention of the name of a pop-singer from decades ago.

One Christmas holiday many years ago, in that time shortly after college in the early 1980s before settling-down, I remember being back home where I grew up and going up the street to our neighborhood tavern one evening for a drink with my brothers.  There were a couple of school-friends there as well, and a couple of girlfriends amongst the brothers, but it was mostly just us, just sitting and just talking about anything and everything and nothing.

Sidebar:  for the last thirty or so years, my parents have quietly BEAMED at the four of their kids when they see us together in the same room or city or vacation — because we do seem to openly enjoy those times around each other … which seems strange to note as something that’s exceptional UNTIL my parents tell us about the kids of their friends and contemporaries who are <not-civil / not-speaking / suing one-another / et cetera>.  That doesn’t compute for any of the four of us, but our parents’ understanding of things is different than ours — so they beam at us while we’re giving one another glibly-worded static or watching one another cranking-up the niece-of-the-moment while the others interfere no more than to cordially kibbitz technique regarding same.  Selah.

The “moment of revelation” that evening was prompted by, of all things, the jukebox.
Frank Sinatra came on.  I’d like to believe that my memory is correct about hearing “I’ve Got The World On A String”; my memories have a way of coming back to me as I would have them, so I’ll go with that for this telling.

I remember listening, and enjoying, and contemplating the shift in taste — and then blinking once or twice, looking over at my brother Mike, and saying, “WHEN did this start to sound GOOD?” …
and without a moment in-between to indicate that he wasn’t thinking the very same thing, he answered, “yeah, I KNOW — me, TOO.”