Not that I’m in a bad place right now, but I’ve found myself doing a lot of listening lately, and this blog-entry really struck me with its references to things that are challenging so many people I know …

Rejection is one of the toughest situations people do to each other. It’s inevitable. You don’t get that job. You don’t attract that person for romance. Even the family dog doesn’t want to know you some days. Bad days happen and happen for a reason. Look at it this way. It sure makes those good times we experience that much sweeter because we have a stark comparison against which to measure it.

Like anything, Life gets easier if we take the time to reflect upon disappointments and rejection – but in a positive way. I was reminded recently of some people who rejected me when in college, though I accepted them wholeheartedly. Yet, all these years later it is just now these fellow women have realized they were being petty and insecure.

While I was sad at the time about what appeared to be rejection for no good reason it was these years later they revealed to me why they did what they did. Turns out it was jealousy, fear and insecurity. They had put me up on some imaginary inner plateau, assuming I was something I wasn’t.

The short explanation is they really didn’t have good people skills and could not “read” people well to properly assess my offer of friendship. Today they regret their rejection of the many good people in their lives, a pattern they found themselves repeating far too often. They now realize the source of their terrible unhappiness for so many years is because they rejected the good people capable of long term friendships in favor of the shallow mean-spirited people who later abandoned them to rejection.

I’ve always been blessed with an uncommon ability to see into people’s hearts. I saw the best in them; I saw their talents long before they did. I also knew they had low self-esteem and the chances were high they would reject the friendship. I offered it anyway to give them the opportunity of choice and decision.  ~Denny Lyon  (http://beautifulillustratedquotations.blogspot.com/)

It’s easy to let yourself go into the dumps; downhill is the way that (even) gravity takes things, after all.  I have my days, too — but they’ll never be as bad as the worst ones I’ve already survived, and that little factoid is just as reliable as the sun rising every morning.  Time (and some retrospection) can heal a LOT, if you allow them to … and, maybe, listening and reflecting back for someone else can immunize you both.